Family Day

SATURDAY, JULY 23—10 AM to 11 AM

Silver Center for the Arts, Hanaway Theatre
Paul Polivnick, conductor

Our talented NHMF musicians and world-renowned composer and multi-instrumentalist, David Amram, will blow on, strum and shake ancient ethnic instruments (like the Pakistani flute, Indian Shenai, conch shells and more), while demonstrating their contemporary cousins in the modern orchestra. Get ready for some fun, high-spirited audience participation as well!

All tickets are FREE!
Ticket fees apply to
phone orders – tickets still required

SILVER CENTER BOX OFFICE:  603.535.2787 | 800.779.3869
Hours: 11 AM-4 PM, Monday-Friday


educationDiscounted or free tickets to Music Festival events for youth who would otherwise be unable to attend due to ticket costs can be obtained by calling the New Hampshire Music Festival office at 603.238.9007.

The New Hampshire Music Festival is proud to support music education in our state through our historical partnerships and sponsors: Arts Alliance of Northern New Hampshire, Cogswell Benevolent Trust, Frederick Smyth Institute of Music, New Hampshire Electric Co-op and New Hampshire State Council on the Arts.

Presenting Sponsor:

Made possible with the support of the Lincoln Financial Foundation


Also supported by Cogswell Benevolent Trust

SATURDAY, JULY 23, 11 AM to 4 PM

Following our fun Family Concert, join us in downtown Plymouth as we host the third annual Make Music Plymouth event! With activities for kids like instrument making and an instrument petting zoo, food for the family from local stores, and over 75 different performers, this day of music making has brought thousands of people to town to enjoy our community.

We hope you can join us to explore and create some fantastic music—all for free!


  • Amey Bailey Contra Dancing for Kids
  • Arts Alliance of Northern New Hampshire Instrument Making
  • Little Church Theater – Musical of Musicals
  • Students of Jessye Bartlett
  • …and many more local singers and bands!


A note on the power of music and music education:

IMG_5768-audienceThis past summer the New Hampshire Music Festival generously donated tickets for five violin students and myself (their teacher) to attend two orchestra concerts. It was the first time that any of my students had ever attended an orchestra concert.

The violin is a tremendously challenging instrument to begin learning, and therefore requires a great amount of inspiration to draw from to keep frustration and resignation at bay when pulling ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ from your fingers seems a daunting task. The opportunity to not only see a live orchestra performance, but to get a “backstage tour” and meet the musicians we would see playing on stage positively ignited my students with this inspiration. At the first concert, right before the music started playing, a four-year-old student turned to me after surveying the musicians poised to play and with eyes radiating excitement asked, “Wait! Are they going to be playing for real?” As this was her first experience witnessing live musicians playing on stage, it seemed just too good to be true!

The tremendous gift that the New Hampshire Music Festival gave to those five budding musicians and to everyone privileged to attend the concert is one that continues to manifest in new ways as time passes. What started out as a question whispered from an observation at the concert about why the violinists were “holding the instrument wrong” transitioned us into talking about and learning how to play in different positions on the violin and to experience a far greater range of notes.

My students also now know the joy they can create with their instrument if they keep working at it. They are stronger, more inspired musicians because of the experience, and have a greater love and appreciation for classical music.

~Jessye Weinstein

If you’re interested in helping these programs develop, please contact us at 603.238.9007.